OnGuard Collision Mitigation System Planned for Medium-Duty Peterbilt Availability

The Meritor OnGuardACTIVE™ Collision Mitigation System (CMS), providing collision mitigation technology with active braking and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), will soon be available as a factory-installed option on Peterbilt medium-duty products, Peterbilt has announced.

The Meritor OnGuard system detects vehicles ahead and can assist the driver in maintaining a safe following distance, helping avoid or reduce the impact of rear-end collisions by braking as needed. The system also prompts the driver with both audible and visible warnings, as well as active braking if an impending collision is detected.

“The introduction of the innovative Meritor OnGuard system to our medium duty models further establishes Peterbilt as a safety leader in the medium duty segment,” says Scott Newhouse, Peterbilt Chief Engineer. “Integrating the OnGuard safety technologies into our medium duty line, which is often used in high-traffic areas, complements the high-visibility cab design that helps keep drivers aware of their surroundings and traffic conditions. The result is not only a safer environment for the driver, but for the motoring public as well.”

The ACC maintains a set speed like a standard cruise control but will automatically reduce the vehicle’s speed to maintain a set following distance when a vehicle ahead is detected. The active braking can be applied whether the cruise control is set or not set.

Peterbilt currently offers Meritor OnGuard on Models 579, 567 and the 389 Glider. It will be in full production for the medium-duty line in the third quarter of 2017.