First Class 35th anniversary logo beside three covers from the 1980s

First Class Celebrates 35 Years

First Class magazine, a custom publication sponsored by Peterbilt, is celebrating its 35th Anniversary in 2016.

Peterbilt launched the magazine in 1981 with a testimonial-driven platform featuring for-hire carriers, private fleets and owner-operator customers in a wide variety of trucking applications. Peterbilt Marketing Manager Jorge Medina notes that First Class has been a key component of sales and marketing initiatives that continue to grow market share for Peterbilt and reinforce its long-held position of class in the industry.

“As a leading trucking OEM, Peterbilt is committed to providing the tools our customers need to succeed, and that begins with understanding and communicating with an ever-changing market,” says Medina. “First Class magazine offers a unique opportunity not only to reach our customers and prospects, but to share with them insight from their most successful industry peers.

“First Class has become an important value-added benefit of a customer partnership with Peterbilt.”

While the mission of the magazine has remained consistent, the industry it covers has experienced significant change, according to publisher Pete Sobic, the president of Northbrook Publishing. Northbrook, the custom operating division of Randall-Reilly, has been producing First Class uninterrupted for Peterbilt since 1996.

“Peterbilt has always been a catalyst of change and product innovation, and we are honored to share in this milestone,” says Sobic. “First Class magazine has long been considered an extension of Peterbilt’s marketing arm, and it has truly achieved ‘must-read’ status among its audience.”

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